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Lake Erie

Acme Propeller

Built in 1856, the Acme was a steam powered hogging arched package freighter, 190' in length. She sunk on November 4th, 1867 in the fierce gale. The crew abandoned the ship and survived and Acme landed on the bottom upright in 130' of water. She was severely silted out overtime and all that remains today are her hogging arches that protrude 10-15 ft above the lake bottom, the very ends of both bow and stern (bow is a bit more intact and stern is just a few planks here and there) and the large engine that is sitting out there in the open.

Arches alone are quite a site and definitely worth visiting at least once:

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Engine is right in the middle and completely open for inspection - and I am not quite sure what that round part is that my buddy is pointing at:

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Not much left of the stern:

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Bow is in better shape and has a huge and Windlass:

DSC_4189.JPG (81123 bytes) DSC_4191.JPG (52663 bytes) DSC_4201.JPG (81106 bytes)

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