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Lake Huron, Tobermory

Forest City

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Depth 60 to 150 ft/ Length 214 ft/ Lost on June 5, 1904

Sitting on the steep slope with stern at about 145ft and remains of bow at 60 ft, this wreck looks like a bunch of timbers and a lot of twisted metal in the shallow part. As you go deeper, the ship start to take shape with some identifiable items such as sides, boilers, etc. The stern is the most intact part, although it lost part of its intactness when a boat ripped off few feet of stern rail while trying to moor to it. The Fathoms Five Marine Park since installed the permanent mooring.

Highlights: Relatively intact stern section (as compared to bow). Details of the boilers.

Hazards: Orientation and depth (up to 145 ft).

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