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St. Lawrence River


Lillie is a great dive if you like to look at turtled schooners. She is completely upside down, nesting on a slope next to a wall. The max depth is 70ft and the current there is typically quite fast. You would generally start the dive near the stern and then drift downstream towards the bow. If you feel like going for a second round (or inside – the only access point is near stern), you can go back by swimming towards the stern between the wall and the wreck or pulling yourself on the chain that local dive shop placed there to avoid damage to the wreck.

Highlights – it's a beautuful hull, and that's pretty much all there is to it.

Dangers include current that can be very fast. In fact, a lot of dives on a Lillie are done as drift when the divers descent on a line leading to stern drift towards the bow and then keep drifting along the wall until they find a guideline leading them to a small quiet bay where the boat would pick them up.

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