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Lake Huron - Sanilac Underwater Preserve

New York

Depth 100-118 ft/ Length 185 ft/ wooden steam barge/ Launched 1856/ Lost October 14, 1876

New York's discovery was somewhat accidental. in 1988, the group of shipwrecks researchers was looking for a shipwreck called Checota when they registered another big mass on their depth sounder. The wreck was not identified immediately because of its broken up state - its sides, bow and stern all collapsed. Only the huge engine and boiler are still sitting on the bottom, relatively intact. In fact, the only reason why this wreck was identified as 184' wooden steamer New York, was the tiny brass plaque on the engine, identifying the manufacturer and the timeframe.

Engine aside, other highlights of this dive include anchors on the bow and the massive wooden arch soaring above the ruins. Most of the early wooden steamers had the twin bracing arches and New York was not an exception.

Hazards include: depth of 100+ ft; potential for disorientation due to the broken up state of the vessel and not so great visibility

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