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Lake Erie

Washington Irving

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The Washington Irving was a small 80 ft long schooner built in 1845 by B.B. Jones of Cleveland Oh. She was lost in July 1860 with all her crew. These days she sits in 120 ft of water with a severe list to port. Both of her masts are still standing, albeit, on an angle. She is heavily covered by silt so that only starboard side is above the lakebed.

Funny story - when diving her, I missed the fact that she was only 80 ft long during the dive briefing, so when we reached the stern, I waived my buddy to go further, off the back of the wreck, thinking it would continue further on. My buddy looked puzzled (as he did not miss the briefing and realized we were at the end) but complied and swam off the wreck. It was only when I was passing the stern davit that I realized that it was the end of the very short wreck and waived my buddy back.

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