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Lake Ontario

William Jamieson

This wreck is abput 80 ft deep and located about quarter mile offshore of Amherst Island and the visibility is impacted by the local currents. It was quite silty compared to other Kingston wrecks. Low visibility and the fact that she is away from the usually visited wrecks would explain why in my years of diving in Kingston, I never dove Jamieson prior to 2014.

The story of Jamieson was a happy ending one, at least for her crew that all survived when this two masted old schooner sprang a leak and sunk in the storm on May 15, 1923. The crew tried to beach her at Amherst island, but the winds blew her away and she sunk promptly. Today, the wreck is sitting upright and somewhat intact in the stern area. Bow must have hit the bottom first and is flattened. It is possible to swim through the holds and there are a few minor items to look at but she was stripped of most of her valuable artifacs in the pre-conservation days when bringing stuff up was legal.

Usual suspects, like silt, depth and temperature are the main hazards.

2014 shots.

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