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Lake Ontario


Sitting in 95 ft on the bottom of lake Ontario near Kingston, Davie is a very interesting wreck - there is the whole crane sitting in the silt near starboard side; there is an intact lifeboat; pilothouse; some kind of boiler and the wheel is still standing in its place.

Hazards include the always present zebras and very fine silt - I have witnessed visibility going from 30 ft+ to zero in a matter on minutes after the group of out of control divers descended on the wreck

The wheel is a "must see" item on any wreck, and Davie is not an exception.

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The lifeboat is one of the main attractions on this wreck.

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Crane, sitting on its site is another must see item on Davie.

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Other highlights include remains of the cabin on the side, boilers, cargo holds filled with silt and often overlooked massive anchor on the bow

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