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Lake Ontario


It tells you volumes about the quality of wrecks in Kingston area when the wreck the caliber of Munson is your fall back scenario. Munson is where everyone is going when it is too rough to reach the sites in the open lake.

Munson is an old dredge that went down suddenly, but without loss of human life. It is in amazing condition with both decks still firmly in place and lots of swimthrough opportunities. The dredging equipment and the bucket are still in place as well as numerous tools at upper and lower decks

Due to its location (5 min ride from shore and almost always in calm waters), Munson gets disproportionately large amount of visitors compared to other wrecks in the area. Given that fact, you'd think it'll be in poor share, but it is actually one of the better preserved wrecks in the area. Unlike other diving locales, Kingston and its charter operators promote low impact diving and it shows. Some divers found the tools on the bottom decks of Munson and brought it up so that other divers can see. There is also a collection of china on the upper deck.

Hazards include depth and temperature - the max depth is close to 120 ft and it is always so dark that it can rightfully count as a night dive. Despite darkness, the visibility below 60 ft is typically excellent during the summer. Water temps rarely go above 40s at the bottom and in the height of the summer there might be more than one termocline.

2014 shots.

I had been diving this wreck for over a decade, so below are some of my old pictures of her going way back to early 2000's and the days of film cameras.

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