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Zenobia, Cyprus

Rated as one of the top ten wreck dives in the world, it is in Mediterranean Sea, few miles away from the port of Larnaca, Cyprus. 600' long Zenobia sank on June 7, 1980 after an error in it's computerized ballasting system causing it to list heavily to port. It is on it's port side and is totally intact. Because of the sheer size of the wreck, you can have an awesome dive with a single tank at average depth of 80-90 ft, or you could have a full-blown deco/penetration dive at average depth of 130-150

Highlights include: 108 articulated lorries that were there at the time of the sinking; all kind of penetration opportunities (bridge; holds, engine room); all kinda of machinery; masts and superstructure; lifeboats still hanging on their davits; some of the trucks still hanging on their chains; sinks,toilets and vending machine in the canteen and other items too numerous to mention.    Water temps range from high 60s in the winter to mid 80s in the summer and the visibility is usually between 50+ to 100+ ft. Wreck is accessible all year around, although there are significantly less people on it in the winter (I dove on Xmas day few years ago and there were only 2 of us there). It is so huge, that unless 2 and more group are trying to penetrate the same space at the same time, you never feel crowded

Exterior - anchors, lifeboats, structures, twin screws

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Few of the 108 lorries (trucks) that were on Zenobia at the time of sinking. Some of the spilled cargo (eggs) around the wreck

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Inside the bridge, canteen, washrooms and cargo spaces

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