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Lake Ontario

City of Sheboygan

This wreck is accessible from both Picton and Kingston. Depending on the speed of your boat, the ride from Kingston is a bit long but the wreck is well worth it. One of the most intact wrecks in the area, Sheboygan was a medium size three masted schooner that sunk with all hands off Amherst Island in 1915. The cause of loss was mostly bad weather, but it was reported that at the time of sinking she was quite overloaded.

Today, the wreck is sitting on the bottom of Lake Ontario at 105 ft. It is upright and mostly intact with masts fallen down acress the deck. Highlights of the dive are numerous and include variou deadeyes and pieces of rigging; stern that is starting to collapse; variou sartifacts on the bow. In good visibility, which we had in early summer 2014, this wreck is stunning.

Usual suspects, like silt, depth and temperature are the main hazards. Note that it is possible to swim through the lower level, but only in sidemount and only a the end of the dive as the holds will be silted.

2014 shots.

I had been diving this wreck for over a decade, so below are some of my old pictures of her going way back to early 2000's and the days of film cameras.

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