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St. Lawrence River


I consider Vickery to be one of the nicer wrecks in Brockville area. Unlike most of the other wrecks in the river that are on their sides, twisted or turtled, she is upright and relatively intact. About 140 ft long, she sits on a side of the active shipping channel in 125 ft of water. Current on Vickery ranges from mild to very strong and visibility seems to improve with the stronger current.

The boat would typically moor in the shallow bank (about 30 ft depth at mooring points) next to a shipping channel and the divers would follow the anchor chain and then the lines to the wreck. When I dive this wreck, buddy and I typically drift towards to bow, then dive into one of the holds and swim the length of wreck inside. Pop out again at the stern, take some pics of the stern if the visibility is good and drift to the bow above the deck or on a side.

Highlights include the spacious holds (you can swim the length of the wreck inside), intact bow and stern.

Dangers are those typical for St. Lawrence deep wrecks, i.e. depth and current. As Vickery is in the active shipping channel, going straight to the surface from the wreck is not an option unless you want to play hide and seek with a 1,000 ft long freighter.

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