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Lake Ontario

Katie Eccles

Of all the wrecks around Kingston/Picton area, Katie has the most beautiful bowsprit. Actually, it might well be one of the better looking bowsprits in all of the Great Lakes. The bowsprit is definitely the highlight of this wreck.

Compared to the scale of the bowsprit, the rest of the wreck looks small. The stern had collapsed with the wheel just hanging in the space and that creates an impression that half of the wreck is missing. The fact is - nothing is missing - Katie was actually a small schooner - only 95 ft long. Katie was built in 1877 and sunk in a storm in 1922 - no lives were lost

Highlights include the bowsprit with all the chains and ropes hanging off it; the wheel that is attached to the remains of the stern in a very weird horizontal position and various artifacts on her deck

Hazards - depth and cold

2014 shots.

I had been diving this wreck for over a decade, so below are some of my old pictures of her going way back to early 2000's and the days of film cameras.

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