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Lake Ontario

Sarnor & Hattie Hatt

These two wrecks are in Kingston's Nine Mile Point ship's graveyard. Scuttled in the 30's, these were forgotten until fall of 2003, when the folks from Northern Tech Diver found them. We were one of the first group of divers to dive then

The two wrecks are so close to each other, they are connected with a line and are usually done as one dive. Max depth 90ft if you stick your gauge in the silt. Sarnor is the larger one (about 220 ft) and has square ends. Hattie is a smaller one with more pointy ends. They are both quite flat and broken up (apparently both have been burned before scuttling). Hattie Hutt wreck has more interesting items, like coils of wire and some artifacts inside the hull. Both wrecks had a very productive life, but ended their lives forgotten and sunk in Kingston's harbor. In 1937, during the harbor clean up, they were raised, towed to the graveyard and sunk again

These two wrecks would be of particular interest to anyone with the underwater archaeology leanings or someone interested in ship's construction details

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