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Lake Ontario


Compared to other wrecks in the Kingston area, Frontenac has no historical significance, nor does it impress with its size. Yet, this 89 ft long tug appears to be a must-do site for so many divers. Why is that? Well, there is really no secret - it is a must-do, because of how many artifacts it has.

For its little size, Frontenac is stuffed with items that make the good shipwreck great - it has not one but two wheels (OK, the other one is not the wheel); it has anchors sitting on the deck near bow; it has intact prop still in its place at the stern; and to top it all, it has collection of artifacts displayed on its deck

A lot of divers miss the wheel by mistakenly thinking that the round object on the deck near stern is the wheel - I am not quite sure what that object is, but the wheel it is not. Wheel is located in the middle of the wreckage on the port side.

Hazards: Depth of 110-115 ft. and cold  

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