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Lake Ontario


Of all the wrecks around Kingston area, the story of Marsh's sinking is the most tragic one. The captain's extended family, including his wife and five kids, were on board of this 135' three masted schooner the night of the fateful voyage - they all died. There is a persistent rumor going around that the Captain survived, but was so depressed and ashamed that he lived the rest of his life in the US under the new identity.

The wreck is beautiful - to those familiar with Arabia in Tobermory - in the nice visibility conditions, Marsh is as good if not better looking than Arabia. The depth is between 70 and 85 ft and the visibility ranges from good to excellent

Highlights include the bowsprit with all the chains and ropes hanging off it (one fell off in 2013); the wheel that is not attached anymore, but is free standing near the stern; various deadeyes and some pots and pans on the deck.


2014 shots.

I had been diving this wreck for over a decade, so below are some of my old pictures of her going way back to early 2000's and the days of film cameras.

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