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Lake Erie

Brig C

I was lucky to dive this wreck when it was re-located by Jim Herbert of Osprey Dive Charters. This wreck was reportedly discovered in the 70s, then forgotten, re-discovered again about 10 years ago and finally, discovered again by us.

Apparently, when it was first discovered, it was towering high over lake bottom with sides still visible. This is no longer the case with silt having done its dirty job over the years covering most of the wreck in the middle with only the rail visible. Bow and stern are still above the lake floor and have some interesting details such as remains of the steering mechanism on the stern and two anchors and an unusual windlass at the bow.

Due to a number of deadeyes on the rail near foremast, the speculation was that the vessel's foremast was square rigged and the mainmast was schooner rigged thus making it a brigantine, a very rear vessel in the Great Lakes.

Wreck is in 110-115 ft of water.

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