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St. Lawrence River


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Kinghorn is located about 400 ft from the shore - right in front of Rockport boat dock. It is in about 90 ft of water and is a fair swim from shore and is not recommended to anyone in a single tank due to gas requirements. It is also not recommended that you surface swim to or from it due to heavy boat traffic in the area. Due to its proximity to shore, and Canadian customs office, Kinghorn is a popular second dive for those doing boat charters.

The highlights include the plaque near the bow; wheel laying close to the bow; interestng holds; collection of artifacts on the lower deck; bildge pump at the stern; winch

The hazards include heavy boat traffic in the area. If you are diving it from shore, you have to treat it as a virtual overhead. The insides of the wreck are very silty and would not be an ideal place to practice the lost line drill.

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